Now that we have WHAT we are searching for, we need to discover WHERE. Various possibilities exist, depending on the town and the area selected to live in, and in which we should make the search. As with the case above, we can divide these possibilities into two groups, knowing that both have their advantages and their inconveniences:

A) We conduct the search ourselves, without using any type of outside assistance, using the specialist press, house offer notice boards, scouring the preferred areas, seeking the advice of family members, friends or acquaintances, etc.

B) Entrusting the search to a professional or consulting him directly to see whether there is something in his portfolio of properties for sale that coincides with what we are looking for.

If we decide to carry out a personal search, we have to take account of the fact that we will have to devote a considerable amount of time to this, making numerous telephone calls and visits in order to arrange appointments with the owners, arranging time schedules, searching for information regarding the property in order to ascertain its legal, tax, registry and cadastral status, etc., preparing the documentation, searching for financing if this is necessary. However, one advantage is that we have a greater degree of control over the stages of the search, localisation and investigation involving the property. We can place greater or lesser emphasis on those aspects that interest us most, or that are most significant or decisive.

If on the other hand, we choose to place the matter in the hands of a professional, we cast aside all of these inconveniences and annoyances that go with the search. This is because the professional may find, or have the house we are looking for in his portfolio of properties for sale. He co-ordinates the whole operation, arranging our time schedules with those of the vendors, and carries out all of the administrative work. However, we should be very cautious in choosing the professional, and especially assure ourselves that, if he is so professional, we can be certain about what he is offering us and of the guarantees that are given to us. Nowadays, the only professionals who are permitted to act as property agents by Law are Real Estate Property Agents (R.E.P.A.), who are answerable and subject to a professional institute, which can be consulted about the legality of a particular R.E.P.A., at the same times as providing a guarantee of a good professional job.

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