The Property Law Department provides consultancy services in all matters associated with Property and Construction Law, including those aspects related to property development, from land or real estate purchase to the drafting of contracts.

It also deals directly with topics involving the sale of, liens on or the leasing of property and all types of contracts of guarantee over the same.

The work of the Department, made up of professionals specialising in Property and Construction and Land Development Law, is also orientated towards activities involving all types of processes of classification, planning, discipline, performance and town planning development, facilitating the obtaining and processing of licences and permits; and defending the rights and interests of our clients.


The work of the Property Law Department covers the following matters under Property and Construction Law:

  • Consultancy in contracting matters. Drafting of contracts particularly used for companies in the sector
  • Consultancy for investors about subrogations and assignments of rights, together with the signing of contracts
  • Drafting of the most commonly-used contracts in the Property Law field (sales, purchase options, assignments and leaseholds)
  • Property Development
  • Sales Transactions
  • Town Planning
  • Associated administrative work and complementary services

In order to guarantee the most thorough study of every legal issue, the Property and Construction Department of Anderson Lawyers works closely together with other legal areas:

  • Private Law Area
    • Civil and Commercial Law Department
    • Criminal Law Department
    • Tax and Fiscal Law Area
  • Public Law Area
  • Employment and Social Security Law Area

Property and Construction Law Department Director